About Terri Marie


I was in elementary school the day my very first Scholastic book order came in. I held the paperbacks in my hands, pulled them close to my nose, and inhaled. Their scent was what hooked me. Yes, the wonderful aroma of binding glue. Who knew? And that’s how Charlotte’s Web, Sounder, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Clifford, the Peanuts, Dr. Seuss, Sounder, and so many others, ended up stacked high in my room. I read them over and over again. It’s been fun watching my children read those beaten up paperbacks that I’d passed down from my childhood bedroom to theirs. Even though the books aren’t always in neat stacks, I’d gladly walk around the clutter to go to all the places I’ve been able to go and meet all the characters I’ve gotten to meet! I’m so glad books are cheaper than plane tickets! If you ever want to visit Southfield, Michigan, read the Montclair Brothers, Books 1-8. The undying,forever-strong love between my own family members is what started this series. 🙂



Words are the most powerful things in the world. I wouldn’t learn that lesson for many years, though. As a matter of fact, I wanted to take care of animals, 24/

7. I guess that little girl in me never left, because petting zoos excite me. And yes, because I have to pet everything, I’m that woman at Calder Dairy Farm, begging the horses to come to the fence. Don’t judge me. 🙂 Though I’ve never owned a farm, I did spend my summers on one while growing up. Best. Years. Ever. I wish I could put those moments on Great Aunt Gracie’s farm on repeat. When it was time for our vacation to end, I’d write stories about all the animals on her land, located in the beautiful, rolling hills of Tennessee. Oh, and don’t think for a second that I didn’t name every single one of her animals. Therefore, each beautiful, four-legged soul got their own picture book. Could you tell which animal I was writing about by the pictures? No. But that’s one of the many beautiful things about writing. There are some things only the author knows. For example, Forbidden Disclosure was written about a little town in Tennessee, on a farm that was owned by Rosie. Rosie was modeled after, and written for, my Great Aunt Grace. 🙂



I’m the youngest amongst my siblings. I’m also the only one who enjoys reading and writing. It’s a good thing, because I can’t sew, knit, or crochet, skills the others have mastered in the family, at all. To my credit, though, I could write a true story of a wannabe seamstress who sewed across her thumb. I can’t tell you how much that sucked. Of course, this is why my desire to sew, immediately left me.   But, just as fast as the sewing adventure vanished, the library started gaining more traction. I began to read every genre that caught my eye. I frequently get asked if I have a favorite. Well, I have a few! Romance, Mystery, Suspense, Thrillers, Women’s Fiction, Paranormal, and everything in between. And just think about it. You can put romance in all these! Seriously. I think it’s where the fill-in-the-blank joke, “_____in my bed,” came from!!

So, the love affair between me and books continues to grow. Except for math books. There will never be any love for those. If I ever write a murder mystery and one of the characters is a math professor—Bye Felicia!   xxoo