The Montclair Brothers Series









Make It Rain – The Montclair Brothers Book 1

Tyler Montclair wasn’t looking for love on that rainy night. He’d just narrowly escaped a five-year relationship with a nutcase. All he had to worry about now was avoiding damsels in distress, his weakness, and sheltering his brothers from generations of family secrets that could change their lives forever.

Renee Preston is on the run. Her abusive husband, Robert, is after her…but so is Tyler Montclair. She doesn’t need a knight in shining armor to rescue her, so she avoids Tyler like the plague. But every time she closes her eyes, there he is. Up close and personal.

But for these two lost souls, fate has a different plan. Before they know it, their lives are entwined in ways they could have never imagined. When an unlikely series of events sends everyone’s world into a tailspin, the Montclairs band together for a fight they never expected.

Castle Lake is their destination. The family secrets could be their undoing. Robert could be their demise.









Through the Storm – The Montclair Brothers Book 2

The Montclair Brothers have been shaken to their core. The carefree life they’d grown accustomed to has been torn away; the destructive force behind the collapse of their world, unimaginable.

Can they pick up the pieces? Is it possible to weather the storm after the fire and shooting in Castle Lake? As bullets sped through the night air, bodies began to drop, one by one. Who lived? Who succumbed to the darkness?

Robert was the monster with the gun, but he’d gone down with the victims; or did he live, and become the perfect hunter?









Waves of Reckoning – The Montclair Brothers Book 3

Tyler Montclair had done his best to raise his brothers with good morals and values; family always comes first, be kind to others, obey the law, and don’t ever pick a fight…but if one lands on your doorstep, you’d best finish it.

Especially when the circumstances involve standing up for a woman.

But now the brothers face a battle that will make or break them. Should they rely on what’s been ingrained in them? Or is it time to become the judge and jury? Avoidance and revenge, beckoned them, but so did justice. One wrong decision and their family’s bond could change forever.

Will they survive this war? Or will the Montclairs be torn apart in violent waves of reckoning.